The Passion of a Real Estate Investor

What does it mean to be passionate? Passion has obvious connotations in the world of romance but also can be in reference to one’s general feeling about something. Passion is more than just heightened interest. It is a true love for something that you do or something that you follow or have interest in.

Having passion for a business pursuit may be something entirely new for you, especially if you’ve been in work environments that you didn’t really enjoy. That said, passion is not just something that you either have or don’t have. It can be developed, it should be developed, and, by doing so, you will only create more income and success as an investor.

First off, how can you tell that you are passionate about something? I think this question can be answered in several ways and the following list offers a few ‘tell-tale’ signs that passion is what you are experiencing:

• Seeing or discussing something that immediately makes you happier
• That something taps into your emotional side
• Discussion of something that gets you excited and energizes you
• Your heart rate goes up a little bit
• You look forward to (and even plan for) when you get to do or see something
• You love the idea of sharing that something with other people

Let’s first look at these ‘tell-tale’ signs in the context of something you may be more familiar with and then I’ll apply the same things to your business and you’ll immediately see the parallel.

First, let’s use the example of a sports team. Are you happy when you have the opportunity to see your favorite team play? Do you get emotional during games in which your team plays? Do you love talking about your team to other people, whether they are fans of the team or not? Does watching your team get your blood going a little bit? Do you make plans to see your team play, even if it’s just on TV? Do you want to share with the world and with anyone who’ll watch or listen that you are a fan? If you can answer yes to some or all of these questions, then it’s safe to say that you are passionate about your favorite sports team.

Note that there is a significant difference between interest and passion. Interest is a more passive and non-emotional attachment to something, while passion is much deeper. A lot of people are interested in sports teams but, comparatively, few are passionate about them. Business works in much the same way.

A lot of people are interested in business. Poll 100 people and ask them if they would like to own a small business (i.e. be their own boss). A majority would probably like the idea and would say they are interested in it. Ask the same 100 people if they are passionate enough about it to change their professional lives to do it, and you’ll likely see that interest drop off considerably. Passion is an extra gear that goes beyond simple interest and there’s just more to it. So where does it come from?

Think about it this way. If you are passionate about a sports team, how did you get to be that way? You weren’t born with it. You weren’t taught to be that way. It probably came from seeing other passionate fans and experiencing something valuable in how they approached following that team. In part, you wanted to tap into that energy by being like them and that’s how it starts. Business passion is much the same way. You are much more likely to develop a passion for what you do by seeing other investors with passion describe what they do and how they feel about their profession. In short, such energy can be infectious and can help instill that business passion in you.

Beyond where you get your inspiration, passion must be nurtured and developed, just like the business itself. Why are you passionate? What is your mission? What is it you most love about the business? What sides of us does the business bring out that you most love to see? These are the elements of business passion that you must understand and embrace for passion to be something that you truly have for real estate investing or any other business. When you can demonstrate passion, others will see it and also become motivated as a result. Much like a passionate sports fan or movie buff, others who witness true passion may not fully understand it but will admire the conviction and emotion that is behind it. In the context of business, this can be a powerful credibility booster.

Passion can be reflected by exuberant discussion and giving off that intangible ‘vibe’ that you really care about what you are doing. That is the truest form of passion for your business. When your passion is based upon the love of the process this will greatly attribute to your ongoing success. For example, when you love interacting with clients, seeing their faces when you are able to present a solution to them, watching a distressed property become something better, and love seeing everyone win in the end, that is true passion for what it means to be a real estate investor. When you love these things and it shows, you demonstrate a true passion and people will respond to that.

I can honestly say I am passionate about real estate investing. I had to learn so much, but the passion I have for buying and selling property has afforded me the endurance to stay committed to learning as much as I possibly can about the whole process. I don’t want to take for granted that what I have learned has given me so many opportunities to do all kinds of things including meeting really cool people in this business, make a decent living and have a successful, self-made business. That is why I share all I can with others who want to learn and have a true desire to invest.

Discover Your Passion in Real Estate

I discovered my passion for Real Estate about a year ago. I was looking at houses on the web and I found myself sitting in front of the computer for hours. I noticed that whenever I had an opportunity I would go back to gazing at houses. At that point I started to toy with the idea of making it my career but I didn’t know how to start. What did I need to do? Is it difficult to get in and get started?

I began to research online everything I possibly could about becoming a Real Estate Agent. I found out there was a lot more to it than just looking at houses. There was an abundance of helpful information on online. I love technology! At that moment in time I decided I was going to become a Realtor. I was so excited, full of energy and ready to go but, there was one catch, it’s all commission. Everything is out of pocket to get started and to stay in the game.

Being a Real Estate Agent is so much fun to learn, to implement and ultimately make a really good living at. Being a Realtor is freedom. You make your own schedule, pick and choose who you want to work with and work literally from anywhere. I mean you could be on vacation making deals! We are our own bosses. Each agent runs her or his own business.

The downside is you have to have enough capital to get you by your first year, until you build your business. There are a lot of fees that you incur initially before you see any return on your investment. You have to be dedicated and willing to win.

If you are toying around with the idea of becoming a Real Estate Agent my advice to you is look into all of the costs that are associated with getting started and staying above water. The Real Estate exam to acquire your license is very difficult for most, so I suggest you really study to pass. Then make your decision whether you want to test the waters part time or jump right in like I did full time.

Real Estate is not for everybody, you have to be really good with people, organized with setting your schedule and have a business plan for how you are going to build your company.I gotta tell you, I love what I do. I am good at it and when I wake up every morning I am so thankful and grateful for my life. This is not just because of the income, it is because of the lifestyle. Being a Real Estate Agent is not just a job, or a career, it’s a lifestyle.

Once you become a Realtor you will need to join an association, there are usually a couple to choose from so check with your office to find out who they recommend.

So whether you are interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent or not, make sure you are doing something you enjoy. Find your passion!

Tips For Real Estate Agents – 5 Tips For Higher ROI

If you are a real estate agent but so far have lack-luster results; chances are you could use some advice. Likewise this advice can be helpful if you are just beginning your career. Our tips could be the difference as to whether you make it or break it in your career no matter how long you’ve been on the job. So sit back and relax and read our article on this subject.

One way you can accomplish this goal is to be more accessible on the Internet. In today’s world of marketing it is crucial to have a strong Internet presence. This applies to the real estate world too; including the agents. Whether you own your own business or simply have a lot of input with the boss; we would urge your company to have a website. This website ought to be easy to access and to use. Additionally you will want to have as much information on it as possible. Whenever you can, post pictures of the homes you are selling and/or of yourself. Accessibility is the key and these days that is best accomplished by being on the Internet.

While we are discussing your Internet presence; let’s talk about the importance of Internet-accessible reviews for yourself and/or your company. Nowadays nobody will hire you without first seeing many positive reviews. Those reviews are typically found on your favorite search engines. While you do not want to have bad reviews on the Internet; it is inevitable that you will have at least a couple of them. If your bad reviews are excessive you will lose businesses. The key here is to do everything within your power to ensure you get at least a high percentage of good reviews. Those will offset any bad ones.

Another suggestion we have is to know what you are talking about. Not only must you understand how to sell a home or commercial building; you must be able to navigate your client through the entire process. More than likely your client will not know a thing about real estate. Therefore it will be up to you to explain every step of the way to them.

One final tip we have for you is that you should have a deep passion for real estate. If you do not; you should find a different career path. Clients will be able to tell if you truly love your work. In turn; that will prove to them that you care about them as a client, then you will get more clients. On the opposite end of the spectrum; if this is merely a job or a hobby for you, that will be apparent too. In that case clients will feel that you don’t care if you give them great service or not. Then you will lose them to real estate agents who do possess this passion. This is not necessarily something you are born with. It is frequently an acquired passion. However, it must be present if you want to succeed.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Relationship Marketing Strategies That Work

As a luxury marketing professional it is important to develop many strategies to achieve your goals. A strategy is not a tactic. Tactics are the means of achieving immediate goals. A strategy is a long term plan of action with a distinct theme. It is making a choice of direction which will affect the outcome of all of your goals. To develop a successful strategy you must integrate your personal brand and your passion for the business you are in. It is the result of defining, aligning and refining your brand and your position in the marketplace.

We recommend combining several strategies both in relationship marketing and also in internet marketing. Here are two examples luxury real estate relationship marketing strategies that work:

1. Join a Historical Society

One of our friends was a successful Realtor® prior to the days of web 2.0. She loved historical homes and had remodeled several of them herself. Then, she began specializing in selling these types of homes. Based on her own experience, she assembled a list of trusted professionals and craftspeople who were able to assist her clients in the remodeling and restoring process.

This luxury real estate agent’s passion led her to join a historical society. Her enthusiasm and participation in the organization created lifelong friendships and abundant referrals. This was a strategy based on a passion for historical homes that has not waned. .

2. Join a Museum and Become a Volunteer

Art: you may not always like it but it can give you a new perspective. It can take your mind to new places where it has not explored. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, we recommend frequent trips to art galleries and joining an art museum. This can open up opportunities to meet affluent buyers and homeowners, especially if you become a volunteer. The more knowledgeable you become about art the more you have in common with clients who collect art. That can mean the difference we between acquiring a listing or losing it, especially if your competition is involved in the arts.

Relationship marketing strategies are all about the art of meeting new people and expanding your sphere of influence. Staying in touch with them consistently is what it takes to generate referrals.