Discover Your Passion in Real Estate

I discovered my passion for Real Estate about a year ago. I was looking at houses on the web and I found myself sitting in front of the computer for hours. I noticed that whenever I had an opportunity I would go back to gazing at houses. At that point I started to toy with the idea of making it my career but I didn’t know how to start. What did I need to do? Is it difficult to get in and get started?

I began to research online everything I possibly could about becoming a Real Estate Agent. I found out there was a lot more to it than just looking at houses. There was an abundance of helpful information on online. I love technology! At that moment in time I decided I was going to become a Realtor. I was so excited, full of energy and ready to go but, there was one catch, it’s all commission. Everything is out of pocket to get started and to stay in the game.

Being a Real Estate Agent is so much fun to learn, to implement and ultimately make a really good living at. Being a Realtor is freedom. You make your own schedule, pick and choose who you want to work with and work literally from anywhere. I mean you could be on vacation making deals! We are our own bosses. Each agent runs her or his own business.

The downside is you have to have enough capital to get you by your first year, until you build your business. There are a lot of fees that you incur initially before you see any return on your investment. You have to be dedicated and willing to win.

If you are toying around with the idea of becoming a Real Estate Agent my advice to you is look into all of the costs that are associated with getting started and staying above water. The Real Estate exam to acquire your license is very difficult for most, so I suggest you really study to pass. Then make your decision whether you want to test the waters part time or jump right in like I did full time.

Real Estate is not for everybody, you have to be really good with people, organized with setting your schedule and have a business plan for how you are going to build your company.I gotta tell you, I love what I do. I am good at it and when I wake up every morning I am so thankful and grateful for my life. This is not just because of the income, it is because of the lifestyle. Being a Real Estate Agent is not just a job, or a career, it’s a lifestyle.

Once you become a Realtor you will need to join an association, there are usually a couple to choose from so check with your office to find out who they recommend.

So whether you are interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent or not, make sure you are doing something you enjoy. Find your passion!