Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Relationship Marketing Strategies That Work

As a luxury marketing professional it is important to develop many strategies to achieve your goals. A strategy is not a tactic. Tactics are the means of achieving immediate goals. A strategy is a long term plan of action with a distinct theme. It is making a choice of direction which will affect the outcome of all of your goals. To develop a successful strategy you must integrate your personal brand and your passion for the business you are in. It is the result of defining, aligning and refining your brand and your position in the marketplace.

We recommend combining several strategies both in relationship marketing and also in internet marketing. Here are two examples luxury real estate relationship marketing strategies that work:

1. Join a Historical Society

One of our friends was a successful RealtorĀ® prior to the days of web 2.0. She loved historical homes and had remodeled several of them herself. Then, she began specializing in selling these types of homes. Based on her own experience, she assembled a list of trusted professionals and craftspeople who were able to assist her clients in the remodeling and restoring process.

This luxury real estate agent’s passion led her to join a historical society. Her enthusiasm and participation in the organization created lifelong friendships and abundant referrals. This was a strategy based on a passion for historical homes that has not waned. .

2. Join a Museum and Become a Volunteer

Art: you may not always like it but it can give you a new perspective. It can take your mind to new places where it has not explored. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, we recommend frequent trips to art galleries and joining an art museum. This can open up opportunities to meet affluent buyers and homeowners, especially if you become a volunteer. The more knowledgeable you become about art the more you have in common with clients who collect art. That can mean the difference we between acquiring a listing or losing it, especially if your competition is involved in the arts.

Relationship marketing strategies are all about the art of meeting new people and expanding your sphere of influence. Staying in touch with them consistently is what it takes to generate referrals.